Release Notes

Rolla One

We are pleased to present the latest release notes for Rolla One, now available on the App Store and Google Play Store. These notes outline the bug fixes and improvements that have been implemented to provide you with a smooth and optimized user experience.

Rolla World

The latest update for Rolla World focuses primarily on bug fixes and improvements. We've listened to your feedback and made various optimizations to enhance performance and address known issues. The latest version 3.9 is available on the Mac App Store and Microsoft Store.

  • Added a dedicated result screen for virtual activities to see and analyze user's performance in virtual activities

  • Added missing screens for the cycling training tutorial to provide better guidance and support during training sessions

  • Updated the Rolla World interface to align its percentage display with Rolla One. This ensures that the goal can exceed 100%, providing a more precise indication of the user's achievements

  • Updated the text in the Rolla World garage to now display "Start your activity in Rolla One to continue" instead of the previous text

  • Resolved the discrepancy where the wattage displayed on the Rolla World graph at the beginning of an activity didn't match the accurate starting wattage shown on the Rolla One graph

  • Resolved the problem where choosing the Aero helmet and hair type resulted in the hair appearing outside of the helmet

  • Resolved the positioning issue of the tutorial text, making it lower on the screen during the first cycling activity

  • Several other minor bug fixes and stability updates have also been rolled out

September 18th 2023

Release Notes

Rolla One

Introducing the latest release notes for Rolla One, available on the App Store and Google Play Store. These notes provide an overview of the bug fixes, improvements, and features implemented to ensure a seamless and optimized user experience. Our ongoing goal is to continuously enhance your fitness journey.

Additionally, we have implemented various other UI improvements and bug fixes, enhancing the overall visual appeal and functionality of the app.

Rolla World

We are pleased to announce the release of a new version of Rolla World in the App Store and Microsoft store. This update brings new features, bug fixes, and overall enhancements to provide a better app experience. Your continued support and feedback are greatly appreciated as we continue to enhance Rolla World.

New features

Bug fixes and improvements

Additionally, we have addressed minor bugs and made overall improvements.

August 21st 2023


Hello there,

We have some significant news to share. Rolla has successfully closed a groundbreaking €6.3 million seed funding round, setting a new record for a health and fitness startup in Central and Eastern Europe, and the biggest funding round in Bosnia and Herzegovina. This isn't just a milestone - it's a solid validation of the mission and the work the team is doing here at Rolla.

This funding round was spearheaded by Mate Rimac, CEO of Rimac Group, and Hellen's Rock, the family office of Sacha Dragic. Both Rimac and Dragic have an impressive track record in building billion-dollar businesses, and Rolla is excited to have their support and guidance in our corner.

So, what does this mean for Rolla? 

It's an opportunity to expand, to grow the customer base, and to establish key development and commercial hubs. More importantly, it's about being able to continue the mission to help more people level up their health and fitness. In the coming weeks you can expect to hear more about Rolla’s hiring plans, so brush up your CVs - help is needed all across the team. 

We want to thank you for your ongoing support. It's your feedback and engagement that keeps us pushing forward. As we step into this next phase, we promise to keep you in the loop, sharing our progress and plans as we continue to grow.



August 3rd 2023


Hello World :)
Since this is our first blog post, I would like to share the Rolla mission with you.

Perhaps in the future, I'll go into the details of how we got here, but for now, I want to focus on why we are here.

Our mission at Rolla is to help people level up by improving their health and fitness, and I've spent the last few years of my life trying to get my health to a better state. During this time, I tested numerous platforms available in the market, which offered great ideas, products, and concepts. However, I felt that there was a lack of a solution with a pure mission to genuinely help people on their journey. That's how our mission started - to build a tool that assists people in leveling up themselves.

Although our mission is ambitious, we have to start somewhere. What better way to start in  ‘leveling up’ people than gamifying everything - and what better feature to focus on for gamification in health and fitness than virtual activities. So, that’s where we began.

Our public start took place at Eurobike. We prepared ourselves and our products - Rolla One and Rolla World - ready for their first public presentation, added unique features, and decided to participate in our first exhibition. Our primary goal was to attract beta testers and find potential partners. As a small startup, it's quite challenging to receive responses to emails or secure partnerships, but we believed that showcasing our products at Eurobike would change that.

Before Eurobike started, we partnered up with Technogym to lend us their bikes, and they were the first to give us positive feedback. Our plan was to meet with industry leaders like Garmin, Wahoo, Elite, and others, but what we didn't expect was the impact of several content creators covering us during the exhibition. GCN and GTN made segments about us in their coverage of Eurobike, but then DC Rainmaker did a full episode on Rolla and this unexpected attention changed everything for us. 

Since then a lot has happened in Rolla. We adapted and expanded our roadmap, implemented a feedback tool, and launched this blog much earlier than planned. Simultaneously, we moved to new offices and secured a new investment. 

Despite adapting to meet the expectations of the community, our mission remains unchanged. We must be a complete tool for the users - always there to help people level up themselves. Our tools are divided into three categories: health, activities, and diet. I'll provide more details on these aspects in a future blog post.

With our mission defined and support from partners and investors, the real challenge lies ahead. We now have to live up to the expectations.

Our best chance of success is to work closely with the community, and we have a few projects planned to achieve that, some of them I already mentioned. But for now, we invite you to follow our development and help us by giving us your feedback.

Thank you,

July 27th 2023

Release Notes

We have made a new update for Rolla World that includes several improvements and bug fixes to enhance users' overall experience. The key update in this release is related to the streaming issue.

Users may have previously encountered difficulties while streaming the Rolla World. With this fix, users can enjoy a seamless streaming experience. To access these updates, please download the latest version 3.7.5 from the Microsoft Store.

July 26th 2023

Release Notes

We have fixed a resistance control bug when using Wahoo devices as power source for virtual cycling. Now, the resistance control is synchronized with the virtual incline, providing a more accurate and immersive cycling experience.

Please, ensure that you check for updates and upgrade to the latest versions available: iOS 3.7.5 for Apple devices and Android 3.7.4 for Android devices.

Thank you for your patience while we fixed this bug! We appreciate your understanding and support during this time.


Looking forward to hearing about your overall experience with the Wahoo devices in Rolla World.

July 25th 2023

Release Notes

In our ongoing pursuit to provide a better user experience in the Rolla One and Rolla World applications, we have successfully launched new features, resolved key bugs, and implemented various improvements that will enhance the overall user experience and address issues that have been reported.
We appreciate your ongoing support for Rolla One and Rolla World apps. We will remain dedicated to delivering new features and improvements to enhance users’ experience.

New features in Rolla One

GDPR Compliant data control: Take control of your data with the ability to delete, access, correct, and move your account's data in accordance with GDPR regulations.

Activity Load: Monitor your calorie consumption with the enhanced graphic display of the Activity Load feature for a better activity tracking experience.

New features in Rolla One and Rolla World

Introducing Training feature with FTP tests for cycling in the Rolla One app. Access personalized training programs based on your goals.

Bug fixes and improvements in Rolla One

  • Resolved route line visibility issue for accurate distance display

  • Fixed cadence display issue during virtual activity

  • Improved data difficulty updating and speed tracking

  • Fixed character customization screen loading bug

  • Accurate cadence calculation with Technogym MyRun treadmill is updated

  • Accurate movement speed after pause and resume

  • Fixed crash issue with Wahoo KICKR Snap power source

  • Improved visibility of training feature

  • Enhanced Garmin integration

  • Improved user experience by adding grouped options on Account

  • Added empty state view in load chart for new users

  • Fixed authorization issues with Garmin connection

  • Fixed authorization issue with Strava connection

Bug fixes and improvements in Rolla World

  • Fixed bitrate values for enhanced video streaming quality and stability

  • Multiplayer character display bug fix

  • Resolved minor speed display discrepancy

  • Improvements in performance data display in multiplayer mode

  • Improved SPM calculation accuracy

  • Fixed calculation of average speed and pace in virtual treadmill activity

  • Fixed bug with virtual jogging animation in multiplayer mode

  • Resolved speed disparities in running animations in multiplayer mode

  • Updated training power bar target value display

  • Smooth transition in camera modes for activity animation

  • Fixed stopping animation bug in virtual activity

  • Fixed bug with appearing the home screen on the AppleTV while activity is on

  • Fixed app crash issue on Android tablets

  • New last 90 days leaderboard in Rolla World app

  • Unified imperial units for consistent measurements

July 7th 2023

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