Active Points

We're excited to introduce a new gamification feature within the app called Active Points.

Active points come as a replacement to the previously used activity load and will introduce a new way of measuring and tracking your performance over time.

Active points are calculated based on multiple metrics from your activities, but in a way that identical efforts for two completely different persons will deliver an identical result in active points which makes it more fun and comparable between users. Unlike active calories, where the number will always depend on user's personal characteristics such as age, weight, or height, which makes it hard to compare yourself to others.

By tracking the number of active points within the last seven days, and by keeping it above 300, you will be able to enter the streak and each day that you stay above 300 active points number (for the seven days period), will add one day towards your streak.

The circular progress bar can have multiple states, which are shown by different colors and tones indicating your level of activity.

The first version of active points will be available within the March release, while there will be additional updates including features such as being able to open the active points page and view more details about them.

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Rolla One - Activities

Mar 30, 2024

About 1 month ago



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