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Rolla One is a health and fitness app with three primary modules: Active, Health, and Diet, which can be used individually or collectively. Rolla's health module aims to provide an objective picture of the user's health condition.

The Rolla Health module centralizes users' health data and provides detailed insights into health metrics beginning with Heart Rate, Sleep, Active Calories, Weight, Steps, and Blood Pressure. Users will analyze their health metrics, set personalized goals, monitor their health scores, and receive insights to keep them on the right track. We have taken into count users' engagement while we thought about features that gamify user experience. The introduction of the Health score as the main gamification element will give users prompt feedback keeping them motivated. 

We will focus on wearable devices and health services integrations to simplify personal health management.

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Rolla One

16 November 2023

2 months ago


Maria @ Rolla

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