Diet Module

The Diet module is one of the three essential modules in the Rolla One app. It is focused on tracking calorie consumption and progress toward a goal. The users need to enter their current weight, set a desired weight as a goal, and submit the active calories from the previous day. All these steps are necessary to show calculated weight and display the user's weight journey accordingly on the progress bar and graph. The goal can be to gain, lose or maintain weight. It’s recommended to weigh yourself consistently and enter into an app to  monitor changes in weight.

In the diet module, gamification is introduced with a daily budget of calories, represented with a bar chart. By default, the graph shows a weekly preview. When the user's calorie intake is within the limit, the bar will appear in green, showing the exact amount of calorie count. If the user exceeds the daily budget, the bar will be highlighted in orange or red. If users have consecutive green bars, the progress line will show that the users are on the right track to achieve a goal, otherwise, they will be behind the goal.

Calorie input will be accessible in different ways: manual input of food and meals, upload pictures, and barcode scan. Users will have the ability to edit calorie counts if the given result doesn’t meet expectations. In addition, the suggestions based on the image upload feature are a combination of AI and the internal meal database and give the most accurate result at the moment. The diet module has other details that users can discover as they explore the app.

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30 October 2023

2 months ago


Maria @ Rolla

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