September 18th 2023

Release Notes

Release Notes 3.9

Rolla One

We are pleased to present the latest release notes for Rolla One, now available on the App Store and Google Play Store. These notes outline the bug fixes and improvements that have been implemented to provide you with a smooth and optimized user experience.

Rolla World

The latest update for Rolla World focuses primarily on bug fixes and improvements. We've listened to your feedback and made various optimizations to enhance performance and address known issues. The latest version 3.9 is available on the Mac App Store and Microsoft Store.

  • Added a dedicated result screen for virtual activities to see and analyze user's performance in virtual activities

  • Added missing screens for the cycling training tutorial to provide better guidance and support during training sessions

  • Updated the Rolla World interface to align its percentage display with Rolla One. This ensures that the goal can exceed 100%, providing a more precise indication of the user's achievements

  • Updated the text in the Rolla World garage to now display "Start your activity in Rolla One to continue" instead of the previous text

  • Resolved the discrepancy where the wattage displayed on the Rolla World graph at the beginning of an activity didn't match the accurate starting wattage shown on the Rolla One graph

  • Resolved the problem where choosing the Aero helmet and hair type resulted in the hair appearing outside of the helmet

  • Resolved the positioning issue of the tutorial text, making it lower on the screen during the first cycling activity

  • Several other minor bug fixes and stability updates have also been rolled out

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