July 27th 2023


Blog - Our Mission

Hello World :)
Since this is our first blog post, I would like to share the Rolla mission with you.

Perhaps in the future, I'll go into the details of how we got here, but for now, I want to focus on why we are here.

Our mission at Rolla is to help people level up by improving their health and fitness, and I've spent the last few years of my life trying to get my health to a better state. During this time, I tested numerous platforms available in the market, which offered great ideas, products, and concepts. However, I felt that there was a lack of a solution with a pure mission to genuinely help people on their journey. That's how our mission started - to build a tool that assists people in leveling up themselves.

Although our mission is ambitious, we have to start somewhere. What better way to start in  ‘leveling up’ people than gamifying everything - and what better feature to focus on for gamification in health and fitness than virtual activities. So, that’s where we began.

Our public start took place at Eurobike. We prepared ourselves and our products - Rolla One and Rolla World - ready for their first public presentation, added unique features, and decided to participate in our first exhibition. Our primary goal was to attract beta testers and find potential partners. As a small startup, it's quite challenging to receive responses to emails or secure partnerships, but we believed that showcasing our products at Eurobike would change that.

Before Eurobike started, we partnered up with Technogym to lend us their bikes, and they were the first to give us positive feedback. Our plan was to meet with industry leaders like Garmin, Wahoo, Elite, and others, but what we didn't expect was the impact of several content creators covering us during the exhibition. GCN and GTN made segments about us in their coverage of Eurobike, but then DC Rainmaker did a full episode on Rolla and this unexpected attention changed everything for us. 

Since then a lot has happened in Rolla. We adapted and expanded our roadmap, implemented a feedback tool, and launched this blog much earlier than planned. Simultaneously, we moved to new offices and secured a new investment. 

Despite adapting to meet the expectations of the community, our mission remains unchanged. We must be a complete tool for the users - always there to help people level up themselves. Our tools are divided into three categories: health, activities, and diet. I'll provide more details on these aspects in a future blog post.

With our mission defined and support from partners and investors, the real challenge lies ahead. We now have to live up to the expectations.

Our best chance of success is to work closely with the community, and we have a few projects planned to achieve that, some of them I already mentioned. But for now, we invite you to follow our development and help us by giving us your feedback.

Thank you,

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