Activities are not transferred to Strava

Summary: There is a frequent problem with activity syncing to Strava, causing some activities not to be transferred successfully.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Allow automatic syncing of activities to Strava

  2. Engage in various activities on the platform

  3. Note that some activities fail to appear on Strava

Expected Behavior: All activities performed should be consistently and accurately synced to Strava.

Actual Behavior: Some activities do not transfer to Strava as intended, resulting in incomplete syncing.

Frequency: The issue occurs frequently, and has been reported multiple times within the user base.

Impact: This issue affects the user experience as not all activities are reflected on the Strava platform, leading to an incomplete record of their fitness endeavors.

Additional Notes: Our development team is investigating the root cause and actively working on a resolution to ensure seamless and complete syncing of all activities to Strava.

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Rolla One

16 November 2023

About 1 month ago


Josip @ Rolla

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