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Rolla World - Meetups

We are happy to announce that one of our most requested features is going to be coming out soon.As we work on our event system, the first step will be the creation of virtual events in the form of meetups (group rides and runs). Currently, we aim to deliver a more social experience before we get into racing.Meetups will allow our users to organize and join events in the virtual world. These meetups can have a common goal like total distance, calories, or duration. During the meetup, the user will be able to see progress and information about other participants in the event. After the initial release of meetups, we plan on expanding it with group workouts. We are looking forward to seeing the community start using events and joining our users in events as well.

Živko Brkić 12 days ago


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Group Rides things to consider

I’m sure you guys will have already thought about the following points I list below but these just came to mind whilst riding today and I thought I’d just dump them here and if you have already covered them off then no harm done, but if something obvious has slipped through the cracks then all is good.1) there needs to be a start and a finish line for group rides 2) there needs to be an ability for riders to join the ride early but not be able to start until the required time so sit in a pen.3) consideration to how late joiners are dealt with ie do they still just start at the beginning or spawn with other riders/ organiser, although organiser may not always be actually on the ride.4) will there be bots on the ride or is there to be an ability for the organiser to include/exclude when setting up the event.5) can there be an ability for the fast riders that have finished to rejoin the ride to help slower/newer riders6) the ability to share links to the rides so people can sign up in advance7) a reporting mechanism to show who was riding, their times and perhaps power numbers8) obviously not from day one but things to consider for the future, Chat and or Ride radio, rubber banding, ability to wave etc.I’m not trying to teach grandmother to suck eggs here it’s just a bit of a brain dump of what was going through my mind and I’m sure all these things have been considered already.

Andy Foakes@Team Lou 7 days ago

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