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Can't start the activity at all

Dear Customers, We hope this message finds you well. We want to extend our sincerest gratitude for your patience and understanding during this time.Currently, we are experiencing some technical difficulties with our servers, which may be impacting your ability to start activities (both local rendering and streaming). Please be assured that our entire team is fully dedicated to resolving this issue as quickly as possible.We understand the inconvenience this may be causing you, and we want to thank you for your continued support and cooperation. Rest assured, we are actively working on a fix and will notify you as soon as the situation is resolved.Once again, thank you for your understanding and patience.Warm regards,Rolla Team

Josip @ Rolla 27 days ago


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Awesome looking and "feeling" program. Just a couple issues though.

I just happily jumped from Zwift to your platform. Look and feel of Rolla is so next level. However It was sprint workout time today and I noticed an issue that I think you will need to adjust before you will attract the racers and heavy hitters which I think your a great match for , especially because of your fantastic track sim. Your watt reader only reaches around 600 watts. I was riding with my Garmin on and it was reading the usual 1000 - 1600 watts during my sprints. I couldn't really look because the black tunnel effect was taking over my vision ...lol... but Im assuming the speeds didn't match up either. Also... would be nice if your car type tachometer display ( that I really like btw ) in the lower middle of the screen would have an option to adjust its color zones more around ones actual customizable zones of ones ftp number... or at least around customizable hart rate zones.This might be a type of rider that you try to reach because your platform is really ideal for this. Its look and feel is so totally immersive, aside from readings starting to go koo koo for coco puffs at higher watt numbers. For me at least ... your numbers and speeds are way more reflective of my outdoor rides then Zwift was. Spot on actually up to around 400 watts, plus your a great alternative for those of us that couldn't care less about giving or receiving thumbs up or any of the social thing that Zwift offers... you do you :)Its all just a major annoying distraction while training. On that subject... Drafting is super important when in group rides and while racing but just another annoyance while solo zone training. So Please always have an option to turn off 100% of all things social on Rolla ... even drafting... which again would be a great option to have. Training on beautiful empty ish roads is really a wonderful thing. It sold me in one ride ! Fixing just the watt problem alone would make me want to give you the $14.99 a month I was giving cartoon land. I apologize if these things have already been covered. Thx Gregg O.

Gregg Olson 7 days ago


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distance recording bugs

On my ride tonight i had several issues .The 90 day leaderboard distance was moving correctly, then i paused the ride , started within a few seconds and the distance counter froze.The distance on the phone app was stuck at 2.9km , even though the screen showed me far in excess of this distance .When i clicked on the map location on the phone , i noticed it had frozen , i am assuming it was stuck at the 2.9km distance .When i finished my ride the distance uploaded to Strava was 2.9km . The photos uploaded to strava showed my actually distance was much higher eg 26kmAfter i saved the ride , i started a new ride to see if the leaderboard would update with the correct distance . It did not , however , on the new ride it was recording correctly

Adam 10 days ago


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