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As a fitness and health platform, we want to emphasize that our dedication includes multiple points of view within our modules and features in both apps Rolla One & Rolla World.

The Elevation profile is one of the features with an overdue release, although it has high importance for the overall user experience. Our invested effort ensures that Rolla One and Rolla World cater to all aspects of our technical and development goals. 

The graphic representation of upcoming route sections, profiles, and gradients will facilitate the user's navigation and planning experience. The main advantage is that users will get an understanding of the upcoming climbs, descents, and flat sections and be aware of all elevation changes along each route. 

In the Rolla World, the current navigation with a focus on the part of the road the user is currently on, will be highlighted in different colors: red indicating uphill sections, green indicating downhill sections, and blue indicating relatively flat areas. During activity in Rolla One, besides the map preview of roads, users will be able to switch it to the line graph presenting covered distance and elevation changes. Users will have an overview of elevation that they will pass along the route and see details of each segment.

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Rolla One

29 September 2023

3 months ago


Maria @ Rolla

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