October 18th 2023

Release Notes

Release Notes 3.10

Rolla One

In our continuous efforts to enhance Rolla One, we are pleased to present the upcoming changes in the release of 3.10. This update, now available on the App Store and Google Play Store, brings bug fixes and improvements to optimize your user experience.

  • Resolved the issue where the Steps field values were not syncing between Rolla Active and Rolla World when using Virtual Jogging on iOS devices

  • Resolved the issue where the cadence would consistently drop to 0 during outdoor running activities

  • Fixed the issue where selecting the Dam route resulted in Rolla World displaying a 5% incline while Rolla One showed 0%

  • Fixed the issue where switching the power source during Virtual Cycling on Android devices caused a persistent "Lost connection to smart trainer" message on Rolla World during the activity

  • Enhanced Smart Trainer Performance:

    Manufacturer: Tacx

    • Neo II

    • Vortex

    • Neo Bike

    • Flow

    • Flux S

    Manufacturer: Zwift

    • Hub

    Manufacturer: Elite

    • Suito-T

    • Justo

    Manufacturer: JetBlack

    • Volt 2

    Manufacturer: Wahoo

    • Kickr Snap

    • Kickr Bike

    • Kickr Core

    Manufacturer: TechnoGym

    • Ride

    Manufacturer: Garmin

    • XC 2000

    Manufacturer: Wattbike

    • Atom

  • Several other minor bug fixes and stability updates have also been rolled out

Rolla World

The latest update for Rolla World focuses primarily on bug fixes and optimizations. We have dedicated efforts to enhance performance and address known issues to provide you with a better experience. The latest version 3.10 is now available on the Mac App Store and Microsoft Store, ready for you to enjoy an improved functionality.