Rolla One Map - Hi lite the complete course being ridden.

These images show different zoom levels of the map page while I was riding Pinetto Village.

When zoomed in to see the complete course it would help me a lot if the course being ridden was hi-lited in some way - perhaps with a pale blue colour. Unless you are very familiar with the courses, it is never clear which turn you will take next.

Hi lighting the course being ridden would visually separate it from the other roads that show active users (seen here going past the Cave System & Dam).

One thing that puzzles me is when you zoom out on the map (as in the last image shown) are the ONLY active users shown by the green and orange arrows on the roads close (again as shown here going past the Cave System & Dam) OR are there active users on other parts of the island that can't be seen?

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24 days ago


Tim Sinclair Team Lou

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