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Hi, I've noticed that on my phone (Android, v14) that the battery seems to be draining rapidly when on a ride. I did the Valley Tour today (23.4 KM) and rode for about 56 mins on that course. The start battery percent on my phone was 74% and when I finished the course, it had lost about 30%. This is not going to be sustainable on longer rides etc so wondered if this is a known issue? I know when I use my phone on other apps where there is a companion app, the drain is not as severe.

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I've experienced significant battery drain on my 3 year old iPhone 8 during on the two rides I've recorded in Rolla One.

Today I started with at least 95% battery charge and recorded a 66.5 mile ride (107 Km).

When I got home the phone had turned off due to the battery being exhausted. According to Rolla One that happened 50.5 miles into the ride.

The only sensor I had connected was my Heart rate belt. Here are some images showing the totals from STRAVA for the Rolla recording and the full ride on my Wahoo ROAM 2. I also include images from my iPhone showing the battery condition and usage.

The phone was in a case in my back pocket and the outside temperature ranged between 34 & 41F.

Alma tells me that she regularly does long rides without experiencing this level of battery drain.

The battery capacity depends on the age of the battery in the phone and is not helped by lower temperatures - I understand that, but for Rolla One to be used widely by users who don't have new phones with full strength or higher capacity batteries may be a challenge. :-)

I will do more testing if needed, but am concerned about my phone becoming unavailable for emergency use if the battery runs out :-)

(Incidentally, my Tickr 2 HR monitor connected automatically while I was still inside, but my Stages Power meter did not connect when I went outside - that MIGHT be because the Wahoo ROAM 2 had possibly taken the only the Bluetooth Chanel before the phone could once I got outside. It was cold so I didn't take my phone out to check - I didn't want to take my gloves off πŸ˜‚)

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