Poor sync between phone and laptop

Having ongoing problems with Rolla. Every time I use the program, I seem to have to restart both devices to make the screen sharing work. I am using cloud streaming. If I finish a ride, then I will have to again close both apps to get the screen recognised again for the second ride. Using an iPhone and windows surface pro 9.

Then tonight? For three ride the phone and screen got more and more out of sync, with my progress on the iPhone further ahead than the screen. The screen appeared to be displaying delayed data. Maybe 20-30 seconds behind by the time it then crashed. Resetting the display ended the ride, which stopped working anyway once it crash. It would still read power and time but just no distance would be added. Would take 5-10 minutes for the screen to go black mid ride.

Lastly my avatar always does a strange pedalling out of the saddle at the start of the ride. It occasionally happens mid ride too.

Really like Rolla but this is getting really frustrating. It was also be wonderful to be able to just explore the map and have the choice to make turns or go a different way.

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23 days ago


Tsien Fua

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