Kickr Bike tilt feature and Strava upload lacking data

Hello team,

I’ve been testing Rolla with my Kickr Bike riding Mountain Pass. While the graphics are incredible, I’ve noticed some features missing.

On the Kickr Bike tilt function is not supported. Also no cadence is recorder. RPM value stays at 70 for the entire ride. There’s a big delay in detecting changes in power output. From easy pedaling to sprinting it takes 1-2 sec. to recognize. Could these features be added to the app or fixed soon?

After syncing the activity to Strava, I’ve noticed that the post is missing both speed and distance. This has a negative impact on my stats as Strava only sees the duration of the ride. Also a screenshot of the activity or a image of the GPX track could spice up any post.

Hope this will be fixed soon. Definitely keeping an eye on Rolla. Looks promising!

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10 months ago


Jens Georg RCC BER

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