July 7th 2023

Release Notes

Release Notes 3.7

In our ongoing pursuit to provide a better user experience in the Rolla One and Rolla World applications, we have successfully launched new features, resolved key bugs, and implemented various improvements that will enhance the overall user experience and address issues that have been reported.
We appreciate your ongoing support for Rolla One and Rolla World apps.Β We will remain dedicated to delivering new features and improvements to enhance users’ experience.

New features in Rolla One

GDPR Compliant data control: Take control of your data with the ability to delete, access, correct, and move your account's data in accordance with GDPR regulations.

Activity Load: Monitor your calorie consumption with the enhanced graphic display of the Activity Load feature for a better activity tracking experience.

New features in Rolla One and Rolla World

Introducing Training feature with FTP tests for cycling in the Rolla One app. Access personalized training programs based on your goals.

Bug fixes and improvements in Rolla One

  • Resolved route line visibility issue for accurate distance display

  • Fixed cadence display issue during virtual activity

  • Improved data difficulty updating and speed tracking

  • Fixed character customization screen loading bug

  • Accurate cadence calculation with Technogym MyRun treadmill is updated

  • Accurate movement speed after pause and resume

  • Fixed crash issue with Wahoo KICKR Snap power source

  • Improved visibility of training feature

  • Enhanced Garmin integration

  • Improved user experience by adding grouped options on Account

  • Added empty state view in load chart for new users

  • Fixed authorization issues with Garmin connection

  • Fixed authorization issue with Strava connection

Bug fixes and improvements in Rolla World

  • Fixed bitrate values for enhanced video streaming quality and stability

  • Multiplayer character display bug fix

  • Resolved minor speed display discrepancy

  • Improvements in performance data display in multiplayer mode

  • Improved SPM calculation accuracy

  • Fixed calculation of average speed and pace in virtual treadmill activity

  • Fixed bug with virtual jogging animation in multiplayer mode

  • Resolved speed disparities in running animations in multiplayer mode

  • Updated training power bar target value display

  • Smooth transition in camera modes for activity animation

  • Fixed stopping animation bug in virtual activity

  • Fixed bug with appearing the home screen on the AppleTV while activity is on

  • Fixed app crash issue on Android tablets

  • New last 90 days leaderboard in Rolla World app

  • Unified imperial units for consistent measurements

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